Take Truth where ever you find it

Religion is always a topic that can be touchy. That being said, listening to someone who is or calls themselves a religious leader is not a bad thing. Sometimes they speak undeniable truth. Whether you are Christian or not, Atheist or not, Heathen or Not listening to anyone, and deciding there is truth in what is being said, this is a good thing and a benefit to your life.

So, today’s lesson is a TEDTalk by Pope Francis.

Take a few minutes and listen, and judge for yourself if what he says is true or not.

My goal is to post a message by religious leaders from all faiths to gain insight.

Please note that I am not sharing what my religious beliefs are as this is beyond the scope of my blog. If you wish to have a theological discussion, send me a message and we can what’s app or facetime or what have you and have a theological discussion.


Walking (Sunshine) on a Cloudy Day

Kombucha FTW
Kombucha Refresher while on my walk

My schedule has changed this week. I have to make new habits about getting my steps in because it is so easy to not get your steps in when you are at home.  So I went to the grocery store and left the keys behind and took a walk.

I intended to hit two grocery stores, but apparently my T3 is low and I was having some heart palpitations.  So, I took a shortcut and came home under a thunder cloud.  I was sweating going to the store, and chilly on the way home.

I would love to invite you to take a walk today. Take 15 minutes and go outside or stop by the mall. The first time I took a walk on 9 June 2015, I walked 0.2 miles in 10 minutes and did not take another walk for 3 weeks. If I can do it, so can you.



Organic Goldie? WTH!

Organic Goldie? Who or what is Organic Goldie?

My name is Jill Goldstein. At the time of this writing I am 50 years old, morbidly obese, and thyroidless.

I have been overweight all of my life. When I was a teenager food was my only comfort. I remember Grandma and Aunts discussing my eating habits, but doing nothing to help. I do not blame them. They loved me, and they did not want to interfere with my parents.

As I grew up, my weight as a young woman was fairly stable. I carried it well. I dated a lot in my 20s until I finally found my Soul Mate. I discovered that I was hypothyroid sometime in the 90s. I went on the standard treatment Synthroid/Levothyroxine. This medication replaces one of five thyroid hormones called T4. The hope is that the extra T4 will convert to T3 keeping you healthy. This is not always true, and a topic for another day.

While I was on this medication, my weight increased year after year a little bit at a time. I was very proud that while I was pregnant, I never broke 300.

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