The Forgotten Holiday: Flag Day

When I was growing up Federal Holidays were a really big deal. Even President’s Day, back then it was Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday were separate.

The summer holidays were Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day.

Memorial Day was spent by going to the Cemetery and visiting family members and placing flags and flowers. Since, I did this from the time I was a small child cemeteries are not creepy places to me. They are places of love and peace and in a strange way comfort to me.  In the afternoon, we had the traditional cook out with hamburgers and hot dogs and potato salad.

Now, Memorial Day has it’s services in cemeteries, but it is confused with Veteran’s Day.  Memorial Day is for commemorating  Soldiers killed in action. Today, Veteran’s may have issues with being honoured on Memorial Day because they came home after the war when some of their battle buddies did not come home. I would argue that all Soldiers and Veterans of today have some form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and being thanked for their service on Memorial Day could trigger a PTSD episode due to survivor’s guilt.

The next holiday is Flag Day. Today, Flag day is virtually forgotten. On 14 June of every year is the day that the Flag is specifically honoured. It is on 14 June, because in 1777 that is the day the Flag was adopted.

It disturbs me that in general people do not know how to treat and display the American Flag.  Here is a video explaining about Flag Day and Flag Etiquette. Click Here if you want to read the code or bookmark it for future reference.

In today’s world, it is even more important to honour and celebrate our country and the values it represents, especially when people who are supposed to be role models for us and our children disrespect our country and it’s values on an almost daily basis.

Independence Day is a day for fun and celebration and patriotism. Parades, Carnivals, Fireworks on the beach. In your fun on Independence Day, just take a moment during the fireworks and remember what a great country we live in, and we have to do everything we can to preserve this Union.

God Bless America and Peace be with you,



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