Goldie’s Memorial Day 2017

Memorial Day 2017, a day that will live in my memory for a long time.

Even though, my Dear Husband (DH) is a Veteran and loves to attend a Service at the Parker Cemetary, he chose to take care of his family and work on this day. This means that I had to get up at 4 am and take him to the train station since RTD is running on a Holiday Schedule. We both use Public Transport whenever possible as it gives me an excuse to walk, and it gives me opportunity to listen to my audio book longer.

When I returned from dropping him off at the station, I took a lovely 2 1/4 mile walk in the early morning. I had forgotten how pleasant it is to walk in the dawn of the morning.

Typical walk on a Late Spring Day.

On this walk, I must say I listened to my book. I am on Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon. It is the second book in the Outlander Series. I started listening to this series based about the Series on Starz. That being said, I was keenly aware of how the air smelled, and how it felt. It was cool on my skin, and it mixed with the bit of perspiration from the exertion felt amazing.

When I was finished with my walk, I drank a bit of coconut water. I prefer to drink coconut water after my walk instead of straight water. It provides electrolytes and minerals that can be reduced after physical exertion. Ok, I will admit it, I use it as a substitute for the toxic Gatorade and other sports drinks. I will be honest. Coconut Water is or can be an acquired taste. However, it is not hard to acquire the taste for it. Sprouts Farmer’s Market has it on sale buy one get one two or three times a year.

After I made a less than successful breakfast, I went to a Service. It was not specifically for Memorial Day, however, I had missed my Sunday Rituals, so I decided to go on this day.  Usually there are no hymns on a Monday Morning, however, we did sing America the Beautiful and I weeped through the whole thing.  Mostly I think because I live in purple mountain majesties. I have been here a decade and it still makes me weep looking at the mountains.

After greeting friends, I drove to Fairmount Cemetary. This is the second oldest cemetary in Denver. It is one of the most peaceful places on earth. My first stop at the cemetary was the Mausoleum. My husband’s Grandparents are buried there. After spending some time sitting with them, speaking to them, and praying. I walked around the mausoleum’s first floor a bit, just looking.

At Fairmount they have a chapel called Ivy Chapel. I really wanted to sit in there and meditate. The Ivy Chapel is on the opposite end of the Cemetary from the Mausoleum, so I took my second walk of the day. While walking I would stop and pray at graves that caught my attention. One of the things that has become a thing to do is to put pictures of the person on their gravestone. Personally, I think that is a tidbit creepy, but if it makes the family happy, that is great. I thought this was something that started happening in the last few years. I discovered that this is not true.

Anthony Malpiede died in 1926.

This is a boy named Anthony Malpiede died in 1926 at age of 2. You can tell the grave is from that time. There is an angel looking at his picture. He was a darling boy.

There were a few other graves that I stopped and and cleaned off, or stopped and prayed. These are graves that no one has visited in a very long time. It was a very peaceful day for me. No, I did not take my headphones on this walk, because I wanted to listen.

I finally made it around to the Ivy Chapel. There was a young lady under a tarp selling flowers. I spoke with her for a while. She said the Chapel was closed. I did not try the door, I should have. So, I started walking back to the Mausoleum where I was parked. I continued cleaning graves, and praying. I re-entered the Mausoleum in order to make a pit spot. I just walked around, found the restroom, and was a bit creeped out. It was like it was a crypt of itself. There were internments behind the wall. I took care of business and left. I was not in a hurry, I was not scared, it was just a bit creepy.

I have very fond memories of being a teenager visiting my grandmother in Fairport Harbor, Ohio, going to Painesville and visiting Riverside Cemetery and Evergreen Cemetary visiting relatives. I am sad that young people today are not instilled how important it is to remember relatives and care for them even after they have passed.

Did not map this walk.

When it was time to pick up DH from the train station. We decided to go to the Parker Cemetary. It is a very small cemetary. It contains quite a few of the founding citizens of Parker. There were some handmade gravestones that were still crystal clear to read. There were gravestones that were only about 20 years old that were difficult to read. It was a very pleasant walk.

When we got home we ate dinner and watched the National Memorial Day Concert. It was broadcast on PBS on Sunday. OMG, I weeped through the whole thing. During one section when they were doing the package of Luis Avila, DH had to leave the room. He could see that this section of the program could trigger his PTSD. For his own well being, he left the room. He came back, and I continued to weep for him, for our country, and for our Fallen Soldiers. I come from very Patriotic Immigrant Roots. I just cannot help myself.

Please take the time to watch the concert it is worth your time.

Memorial Day was such a precious day for me this year. I hope that you start thinking of traditions you can do that honour the Fallen Soldiers in addition to your barbecues and family get togethers. There is nothing wrong with BBQ and Family Get Togethers, just do your part for yourself and your country. Wish a Veteran that you pass on Memorial Day Peace, any other day, Thank them.

Peace be with you and your family,




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