Comfort Food made Greater

First, I’d like to apologize for the lack of activity the last couple of weeks, between Public Figure Suicides, our country moving towards fascism, and the death of a friend; it has been hard for me to pin down a topic to discuss. This week, however, I did something I had not done since before I lost my mobility. I made some old-fashioned cornbread in a new-fashioned way. Continue reading “Comfort Food made Greater”


Issue that MO people face, they may not want to talk about

A few years back, I came to the realization that being Morbidly Obese is NOT my fault.  It is the Medical Industrial Complex that does not know how to treat people with thyroid and/or thyroidless issues. I was not sitting in my chair eating chocolate bon bons and double bacon cheese burgers every day to get up to 400 lbs. It was because I was on Levothyroxine (T4 only medication) and not having a thyroid that caused me to balloon up so high. Continue reading “Issue that MO people face, they may not want to talk about”

Organics: Luxury or Necessity??

Today, I was watching some show. I do not remember which one. There was a comment made that implied the Organic food is a Luxury.  It drove me out of my mind.  I do not understand why but US Agribusiness feels it is necessary to provide food for us that has Pesticides genetically engineered into the food. What does this mean?  I could go into a scientific explanation, but the bottom line is because it is PART of the ingredient, you cannot wash it off.  This means that no matter what you do, you are eating pesticide.  What is a Pesticide?  It is a toxin meant to kill insects.  You are not going to die from ingesting one conventionally grown item, however, being exposed day in and day out for years, you will get sick which will lead to death.

You will hear but there are pesticides on organics.  Yes, there are pesticides ON organics, not IN organics. These pesticides can be washed off.  There is no way to get totally toxic free food, even if you grow it yourself. You can only mitigate how much toxin is in your food. You do this by making sure that you buy foods that are labeled USDA Organic, to a lesser degree Non-GMO Project verified.  If you shop farmer’s markets, you just talk with the vendor. They will tell you if they have organic practices, if they do, patronize them.  Small farmers and small business may not be able to afford to pay for the USDA Organic or Non-GMO Project verified label. They are expensive.  It is not in their interest to lie to you.

If you grow your own food, it is worth your time to find out what is in your soil to see if you should use the soil in your yard, or to make raised beds where you can use soil that you have bought and can reasonably be sure what is in that soil.  Then, you use seeds that are Organic or Heirloom.  There are blogs such as Sharon Mastel’s Blog about Organic Gardening Advice, plus lots of resources online and at your local library.  Your town may even have a gardening club.

Another thing that over the years has made Organics be perceived as a luxury is the price.  Organics are more expensive. However, in recent history with Amazon’s take over of Whole Foods Market, the pricing is changing and becoming more affordable.  With Amazon Prime and the Whole Foods Phone App, there are more discounts coming.  Plus, if you are lucky enough to live in the right zip code, there is free two-hour delivery from Whole Foods.

Another option for Organic Food is Costco.  It is absolutely amazing the amount of Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified products are available at Costco.  Organics are labeled with a green price label. However, Non-GMO Products are labeled with the normal white label, so you have to keep an eye out.  I cannot speak for Sam’s Club or other Warehouse Club Stores, I only patronize Costco.

Why would you pay for Amazon Prime and a Costco Membership?  The reason is you can find better deals at Costco than on Amazon.  I will give you a real-life example. I use Baking Soda for Cleaning purposes.  I buy it 13 pounds at a time.  On Amazon, I was paying approximately $16.  The first time we went to Costco, I found the exact same bag of Baking Soda for $5.55.  It was a true OMG Moment.  I use Amazon for lots of things, and it is worth it to me to have both memberships.  This of course is not mentioning the Streaming Video options on Amazon. OMG!!!!  Dark Shadows from Season 1 Episode 1.

It is very much a necessity to buy Organic and Non-GMO Project verified products, produce and ingredients.  In the short run, you may not feel or notice any difference, but in the long run, you will be healthier.

Personally, since I am having to struggle being thyroidless and not finding a doctor that understands how to treat thyroidless people, I chose to eat as cleanly as possible, it’s one of the things I can do for myself.



Too Smoothie or not to Smoothie that is the question

Smoothies are all the rage right now but is it something that you should be doing.  This is a question only you can answer. That being said, let me tell you some of the benefits.

Smoothies are easy to make, and only takes a couple of minutes to prepare. It gives the daily recommended amount of fruit and/or vegetables. It is an easy way to get your fiber inside you. Fiber is incredibly important, if you do not poop properly, you are not healthy. Believe it or not, it is a way to get your daily dose of CHOCOLATE. I will explain this shortly.

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OMG, it’s worse than I thought

Back in 2014, I discovered that the majority of the Medical Industrial Complex does not know how to provide proper medical care to people without Thyroids and for the most part people who have under active Thyroids (Hypothyroid) (p.s. I do not have an experience with Over active Thyroids aka Hyperthyroidism). I did not have Medical Insurance at the time. It was up to me to find Thyroid Hormone Replacement known generically as Natural Desiccated Thyroid, and later find T3 only Thyroid Hormone replacement.

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Bleu Cheese Dressing/Dip

When you tries to eat organic and non-gmo, it is so difficult when there is Soy (anything, oil, lecithin etc) in everything. You have to attempt to make more things yourself because then you know what is in it, it is made the way you want it to be made, and in all honesty, if you want food to be your medicine, you cannot trust others to make it for you. There is no rule that when you talk to a restaurant, they have to tell you the truth when you ask how something is made.
One of the things we love most is Bleu Cheese Dressing/Dip. We love to dip everything into Bleu Cheese, from our Milton’s Non-GMO Sea Salt Crackers, to vegetables to buffalo chicken.

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The Forgotten Holiday: Flag Day

When I was growing up Federal Holidays were a really big deal. Even President’s Day, back then it was Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday were separate.

The summer holidays were Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day.

Memorial Day was spent by going to the Cemetery and visiting family members and placing flags and flowers. Since, I did this from the time I was a small child cemeteries are not creepy places to me. They are places of love and peace and in a strange way comfort to me.  In the afternoon, we had the traditional cook out with hamburgers and hot dogs and potato salad. Continue reading “The Forgotten Holiday: Flag Day”

Sunday Inspiration and Walks

This week has been a most interesting week. I certainly need some inspiration, and as promised here is this week’s Video from the Dalai Lama.  Truth can be found in all kinds of places, just because you do not fundamentally agree with the speaker, does not mean the speaker does not have nuggets of wisdom.  Open Minds lead to great horizons. Dalai Lama speaks on The Ultimate Source Of Happiness, Joyfulness and Peace Of Mind

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